The bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The beautiful Bay of Kotor is often called Europe’s most beautiful ‘fjord’. It certainly looks like one, with towering peaks surrounding a rocky coastline  with pretty waterside towns. And when you add in bags of history and culture then you can see why UNESCO have listed the Bay of Kotor as one of their World Heritage sites.

Kotor City

The Bay of Kotor’s most famous town is Kotor itself, at the far end of the bay.  It looks like a normal waterside town until you get up close and see that it’s surrounded by city walls, built by the Venetians to protect it from invaders.

These five-kilometre long stone walls run right up into the steep hillside above the town and you can climb up them for a panoramic view across the bay.

IMG_1540 (2)

The beginning of the city walls around Kotor.

P1090436 (2)P1090479 (2) The city walls run up into the mountains.

P1090454 (2)

One of the chapels were you can take a look inside. Don’t forget to look at the beautiful view of the bay.

TIP: If you want to walk on the walls in the summer, make sure you go by sunset or sunrise. During the day it is very hot in Kotor.

IMG_1504 (2)

IMG_2557 (2)

 On the picture you will see the square: Piazza of the arms. This is where you arrive on entering the sea gate. It is the largest open square in Kotor and contains the clock tower – worth a quick look in itself. There are also lots of shops, cafes and restaurants.

P1090455 (2)

The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon.

P1090437 (2)

P1090445 (2)

The Serbian Orthodox Church is one of the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. It is the second oldest Slavic Orthodox Church in the world.

IMG_1520 (2)              IMG_2588

Small streets are always cute 🙂

Our Lady of the Rocks

Out in the bay from Perast are the twin islands of St George and Our Lady of the Rocks. Both are religious pilgrimage sites but Our Lady of the Rocks is a man-made island. The legend goes that sailors spotted an image of the Virgin Mary on a rock here. So each time they had a successful voyage they added another rock as an offering as they passed. Eventually so many were added that an island emerged and the church was built on top of it.

IMG_1552 (2)

IMG_2642 (2)

IMG_2634 (2)

IMG_1566 (2)


Further around the bay is the town of Perast, looking like a mini Venice with its Italian-style churches and palaces. In its heyday it was a prosperous shipbuilding town full of rich merchants living in the grand palazzos that overlook the water. A lot of the buildings are crumbling and deserted now and there are only about 360 people left living here.

IMG_1542 (2)

P1090481 (2).JPG

What do I think of The  Kotor Bay ?

I think the bay of Kotor is one of the best places of Montenegro. Quite, romantic, charming green clifs and not so popular (yet!). It is a Must see if you visit Montenegro!


TIP: I would not class it as a day trip from Dubrovnik (Croatia). It is a long bus/car ride and the border crossings are quite time consuming. If you consider it, you must leave early in the day, to avoid the queue. 


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